Dresser Re-do.

I've mentioned it a few times lately, but things have really kicked into gear at the Smith house. Something about bringing home a baby in less than six months really makes you jump to finish any and every project you've ever thought of before. And some you haven't. Justin is out of town this week in San Francisco (lucky) and here was a short conversation we had before he left...

Me: "So I've been thinking about a few new projects I want to do when you get home. What do you think of x,y,z?"

Justin: (breaks into a cold sweat) "Umm, I think we have enough now with the office, the guest room and the baby's nursery. Maybe?"

Me: (secretly plotting how to get everything done) "Ok, we'll see how it goes."

(I love that hardworking man.)

Anyway, we did get a little help with our guest room make-over last week. My dad came up for the day and helped me (aka, I supervised) re-paint our old bedroom dresser. It used to be a blonde wood but I painted it a dark brown back when we first got married. Since we're using it in the guest room, I wanted  something lighter and brighter. I already had the soft teal ceiling paint leftover, so being a cheap-o, decided to use it!

Here's what we started with...ugly right?

A few coats of paint later and done! Easy and free transformation. Best kind in my humble opinion. If you can't really tell by the picture, the dresser is now a very, very, very soft blueish teal. Much easier to see in person.

I have another room project I'll share tomorrow that was under $20 and "sits" to the right of this dresser. That's the only clue I'm giving so check back tomorrow!