Estate Sales.

Right before we moved into the house, I went estate sale shopping with two of my best friends. Meghan and Megan. (Yes, it gets confusing telling stories that involve both of them.)

Megan is an expert at estate sales. That girl gets THE most incredible deals all of the time. I was excited to go shopping with her for exactly that reason. Enter the armoire above. It was priced at $300 but I got it for $100!

It's such a great piece of furniture. Well made, lots of storage and loads of potential for a makeover. I'm still trying to decide what color I want to paint it and new knobs are definitely in the near future.

When we finally moved in, I wasn't 100% sure where I wanted to use this piece. There wasn't a great spot to put it in the bedroom, so we took a chance and tried it out in the bathroom. It fits perfectly and I LOVE having such quick access to all of my clothes. Luckily the bathroom is big enough that it can take such a big piece of furniture without making the room feel cluttered.

I also took the time to line the shelves with a really girly black and white floral liner and I love the way it turned out. I can't wait until it's all painted!

Ironically, my other friend Meghan bought the matching dresser to use as a changing table for her daughter. You can see the transformation of that dresser { here }. So what's your vote? Should the armoire get a glossy coat of black, a creamy coat of white or any color in between?