Fabric Jackpot.

Yesterday on Twitter I mentioned that I hit the jackpot at a new-to-me fabric store. I didn't just hit the jackpot, I nailed it.

This store is my new favorite secret place. Like a secret garden, but with fabric for $2/yd.

My own little paradise.

I may have come home with just a few fabrics...

I've seen most of these fabrics in stores for $10-20 so even Justin was impressed with my $2/yd purchases. I mean when a guy is impressed, I know I did well. Some of the fabrics will be used in our house, and some are for a fun project down the road.

Almost as much fun as getting great fabrics for cheap is having a secret store to throw into conversation. Poor Justin has no idea just how much this is going to come up in our conversations. I almost feel bad for him.

Justin: "Do you want eggs for dinner?"

Me: "Umm, secret store?"

Justin: "I married an idiot."

Me: "Duh."

What about you guys, have you ever found a hidden gem in your city that you wanted to keep to yourself?

P.S. There's still time to enter the giveaway! I'll announce the winner on Monday!