First Nursery Purchase.

Hope you all had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend! We took advantage of the long weekend by tackling a few items on our ever-increasing to-do list.

The biggest item we crossed off our list was,

buying the baby's crib!

I've had my eye on the Kendall crib from Pottery Barn Kids for the past few weeks so we finally decided to bite the bullet and order it. We wanted a simple, white crib that was sturdy and well-made. Harder to find than you would think. We happened upon this model in the store one day and loved it. Pretty, simple and a great price. Can't beat that!

We're not planning on buying a quilt or a bumper, only a cute bed skirt and crib sheet. Bedding sets run around $200 and honestly, since you can't even use a bumper or quilt with a newborn, I believe it's money better spent elsewhere.

Oh and for anyone who's been wondering, I've definitely popped. Yep, can't hide this baby bump any longer. Here's a pic from this weekend...

So weird. Justin says I'm definitely in the "not chubby and probably pregnant but wouldn't ask if you were" stage. I'm A-ok with that.

As for the rest of the weekend, we scratched a few more items off our to-do list...

1. Buy a new mattress. Check!

Sears was having a great deal on mattresses, plus was offering an additional 6% cash back, so we ordered a new one for our bedroom and will be moving our current mattress to the guest room. I can't wait to get everything switched over and start finally pulling the guest room together.

2. Buy a rug for the guest room. Check! was having a great deal on rugs this weekend. An extra 10%, PLUS I found an extra coupon code to get an additional 12% off. It always pays to google "store" coupon codes. This is { the rug } I ordered and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it works in the space.

And finally here's a little tip if you decide to go mega-shopping in one weekend. When you buy a crib, a mattress, a few online items and go massive grocery shopping, your bank will think your card has been stolen and call you to confirm. Especially if you're normally a cheap-0 like me. At least they pay attention.

What about you guys? Any fun projects or great sales this weekend?