Happy 4th.

Today is my four year wedding anniversary! Since it's so close to July 4th, I thought the title could knock out two birds with one stone. Now being such a romantic day, I could get really mushy and say things like,

My husband is the absolute perfect match for me.

I never thought I could ever love someone as much as I do him. Or he does me.

(Especially since we met in high school 11 years ago. I mean he saw me with braces.)

I'm happiest when we're together and he really is my best friend.

Marrying him was the best decision I ever made. It's gotten better every year.

I could get mushy, but I won't. (Sneaky, huh?) Instead I'll share with you what he gave me for our anniversary. I've been drooling over Le Creuset dutch ovens for the past couple years. Ever since I really got into cooking, I've wanted one. It's literally the Holy Grail of cooking equipment. Now these jokers are expensive. And I mean really expensive.

The first time I showed Justin the one I wanted, he actually gasped at the price. He couldn't believe someone would pay $300+ for a pot. For the past two years, every time we went shopping, I would drag him to look at them again. Gradually, HE would be the one that would say, "oh this one is only $250, that's a good deal". (Sidenote: Women you can change men's minds. It's all about persistance.)

A few weeks ago we were planning to go to the North Georgia Outlets. When I saw they had a Le Creuset outlet, I flipped. I'm pretty sure I scared Justin when I called him hysterically to let him know. I was 99% sure they still wouldn't be in our price range, but a girl can hope right? We walked in the store and lo and behold, the one I wanted was an extra 40% off. When Justin heard the price, he grabbed it and walked straight to the register.

I was so shocked and excited to actually be getting one, that I cried. Yes, I cried. It was just so dang sweet of him. Every time we would go into a store, Justin would always be the first one checking the prices. That boy would do anything for me and I'm lucky to have him!

So, drumroll.....

Ironically, the gift for four years is supposed to be fruits and flowers and the color of this pot is called kiwi. Destiny? I think so. We actually re-named the pot to Granny Smith, since it ties in the color, fruit, and our name. Yes, we name our appliances. I know, it's weird. My mixer is Justin Beater.

Anyway, I LOVE my pot and am so excited to cook for our kids and grandkids with it one day in the future. It really is a piece I'll cherish forever.

Happy 4th!