How To: Jewelry Wall, Part 1.

It's Monday! Normally I'm not too excited about Monday morning, but today I get to continue sharing all of my fun closet projects so that makes me one happy girl. I'm seriously having so much fun sharing ideas and hearing all of your positive feedback. You guys are too kind!

In case you missed anything from last week, check out the {closet reveal}, {$15 organization tip} and {how to build a closet shelf} at each of those links.

As promised last week, today kicks off a series on how to build a wall of jewelry. Every time I type wall of jewelry I pretend it's being said in a loud booming announcer's voice. It's much more fun that way. Or every time you read that phrase in this post, take a sip of coffee. Wall of jewelry, wall of jewelry, wall of jewelry. See? More fun.

For this project all you'll need is a picture frame (any size) with the glass removed, and a piece of chicken wire. I looked high and low for the best place to buy chicken wire (err, I checked at Home Depot where they only sold large sheets) and on my second stop found that Ace Hardware sells it off the roll. You can have them cut it to size for you and it only cost around $2 for the sheet below.

Take the chicken wire and simply pop it into the back of the frame where you would normally put the glass. If you cut it the correct size, which is just slightly larger than the opening, you can bend the prongs to grip the back edges of the frame. Once it's popped in, it's not going anywhere!

Flip it around and start adding earrings! This whole project takes less than 5 minutes. Even my thinks-she's-craft-challenged-but-she's-not mother could do it. (Hi mom!)

When I first saw this idea floating around on Pinterest, I had no clue just how easy and in-expensive this project would be. Aren't those the best kind of projects though?

So that's where the wall of jewelry started. If you think this part was easy, check back tomorrow. I have a project for under $10 that will rock your world. Seriously.

What about you guys? Tackle any projects of your own this weekend?