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Modern Winter Glam Tablescape

(Image borrowed from { this } site.)

I love a good table centerpiece, so when I saw this tablescape (above) on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to use it as inspiration for my own table. The elegance of the flowers and silver trim paired with the rustic wood on the box...well you know how much of a sucker I am for that combo. I'm nothing if not predictable!

I started with a simple wooden box I found at Hobby Lobby for $20 and some silver ribbon I got for 50% off. (Score!) I played with the idea of  staining the box a darker color, but my table is already a dark wood so I figured I'd leave the box lighter for contrast. A little hot glue, (a designer's favorite tool!) and box + ribbon started to equal a pretty fantastic new centerpiece.

Next, I used my all-time favorite design tactic: mixing old with new. I had several of these white flowers that I had used in a previous arrangement so I decided to cut costs and reuse them in this piece. Still wanting it to feel like a new arrangement (and not just same old thing in a new box) I picked up these fun sparkly jewels for 50% off to add something a bit unexpected. Every girl needs a little something sparkly, right?

And finally, here it is! I bet you didn't expect to scroll down and see apples, huh? Well, I had them and thought they added a bit of whimsy to an otherwise predictable centerpiece. I have to say, I'm so happy with the finished product.

Design is all about finding inspiration, but truly making each and every project your own. If you look at my inspiration picture at the top of this post, you can see where I used a similar box and ribbon trim, but really personalized the centerpiece with a few other touches. Now that I've told you about Pinterest, you can really find ways to be inspired and take on fun projects. Go on, get started!

P.S. Yes, the title to this post is lame. BUT the centerpiece is not. Pick your battles, people.