{ floor plan design }

{ WHAT }

The most important element of any design plan is the floor plan. A well thought-out space can make more of an impact than any decor ever can. If you need help organizing your space, this is the perfect option for you.

{ HOW }

You’ll send me pictures and dimensions of your space and furniture and I’ll get to work! Within 2-3 weeks, I’ll email you a PDF of the floor plan that will work best for your space.


Standard Rooms (Ex. Office, Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen)…………..…..$100


Briefly explain via email the issues you are having with your space’s layout and what your needs are for this space. Also include pictures and dimensions of your space as well as the same for each piece of furniture. Please make sure to note where doorways and architectural elements (ex. columns) are.


Rooms that are open concept and  adjacent to each other will still be billed as separate rooms (ex. Living Room and Dining Room), with a 10% total discount applied. This option does not include new furniture options. It works solely with your existing furnishings or furnishings you're in the process of purchasing (with dimensions provided). Payment is due in full upon agreement of floor plan services. Floor plans  will not be submitted until all fees have been paid. All floor plans are non refundable. One follow-up email is included after design has been emailed to the client to allow for clarification of the layout.  For each phone calls, e-mails, or information are needed after the single follow-up email, an extra $50 fee will be charged.