{ product sourcing }


{ WHAT }

Have an idea of what you’re looking for but just need help finding it? Let me do the work for you.

{ HOW }

I’ll use my resources to find you the perfect item and email you all the purchasing details. Not only is it easy, but you can buy when you’re ready!


$50 per item


Email me with a short description of the item or items you would like sourced. Include any dimensions that are necessary (ex. sofa size or curtain length) as well as color preferences and budget. If you have pictures detailing what you’re specifically looking for (ex. from magazines, Pinterest, etc.), please include those as well.


The client is solely responsible for the purchase of each item. Payment is due in full upon agreement of product sourcing. Product links and purchase information will not be submitted until all fees have been paid. Product sourcing is non refundable. For each phone calls, e-mails, or information are needed after the single follow-up email, an extra $50 fee will be charged.