Gift Guide 2016

Hey y'all!

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! We ate way too much, spent a lazy afternoon letting my 3 year old watch Beauty and The Beast for the first time (spoiler: she loved it!), and took a long walk to the playground before dinner. Great mix of family time and relaxing!

Since Christmas will be here before we know it, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things. Some I already own and some some are on my wishlist. Every year I scour Pinterest for blogger gift guides, so I though it was time to add my own!

Starting off is this book. This amazing book. It's one of my favorite books of all time. Shauna has a way of making me feel like she gets me. Like realllly gets me. She believes there's two kinds of people: those who eat, and those who are thinking about their next meal while eating their current one. I'm just gonna let you guess which one I am...

Justin gave me this necklace a year or so ago and I love it. It's just the right size and works as a great everyday necklace. In case you're wondering, I have both girls names and J+J with our wedding date on the back. 


Ina. Oh how we love Ina in this house. The girls gave me her newest book for my birthday and it didn't disappoint!  


I live in Toms. My mom outfit is yoga pants, whatever shirt is actually clean (or cleanish), and Toms. When I saw these in coral I knew I had to have them! 


My friend Lori owns a company that makes gorgeous prints. When I saw this one, I fell in love with it! Grab an inexpensive IKEA frame and you have an awesome gift! (Check her out here


I need to start this one off by saying that I am NOT a crockpot girl. I've rarely used one, and when I did, I wasn't very impressed with the resulting meal. Enter the Instant Pot. I adore this thing! Sure you can use it as a slow cooker (I haven't), but you can sauté a piece of beef, add a few ingredients and pressure cook it to perfection in under 45 minutes for amazing Cuban shredded beef. Or cook brown rice in 22 minutes. Or make delicious chicken stock in an hour (my old method took hourssss). I didn't expect to fall in love with a kitchen appliance like this, but hey, I'm happy I did!  

Oh- and those nights where it's 5 o'clock and you just remembered you have to make dinner and everything is frozen. Yeah, it'll cook frozen chicken in under 30 minutes. And all God's people said, Amen! 


I love these leggings. I bought them last Fall and they're still going strong! They're thick, comfortable, and the wide band at the top covers a multitude of sins. Seriously, worth every penny. 


We get a lot of catalogs around here, and after looking at the CB2 catalog separately, Justin and I both mentioned loving this McGuire hurricane. It's neutral enough to go in any space, but adds some fun texture! 


I'm loving the pattern (and price!) on this throw. It's a great statement piece for a small price! 


Well, that wraps it up! What's on your wishlist for the holidays?? 

Present Over Perfect.


It's been about 4 years, two kids, two houses and lots of memories since my last post. When I really think about it, I've changed down to the core in the past several years. Having kids will do that to you, ha! The one thing that remains constant is my desire to be creative. Whether that's in designing a living room, or making Tuesday night's dinner, I believe one of God's  gifts to me was the love of being creative.

One of my favorite authors, Shauna Niequist, recently wrote a book on the idea of being present over perfect.  I've wanted to start blogging again for the past couple years, but never did because I didn't have enough time to really work on it. I'm chasing two kids all day and the last thing I have time to do is write a long, well thought-out, picture studded post. So I just didn't do it. I let what I know to be one of the fundamental parts of who I am stay quiet for fear of not being perfect. I'm done with that. So done. This blog isn't going to be perfect. It won't follow a specific schedule or have structured content. It'll be when I can and on what I love. That's it. I'm choosing to be present over perfect. Amen.

And because it's almost Thanksgiving, today I'm sharing what I'm making for Thanksgiving this year. I get to host my family this year (there's nearly 30 of us!) and thankfully we all bring dishes to contribute. Last year I tried a new recipe for turkey and dressing and it turned out to be a hit. I'm not a stuffing fan, but I hoarded this stuff! If you've never heard of America's Test Kitchen, get ready to be excited. They always have THE best recipes and the path they take to craft each recipe is so interesting. They have a couple shows on PBS that are my 3 year old's favorite to watch--I take teaching her to love cooking seriously!

Here's the link to the best turkey and dressing. A little extra work, but worth it!

I'm also making squash casserole. My sweet friend Shelley recently made it for our supper club and I fell in love. It's not healthy, it's super cheesy, and it tastes great for breakfast. Not that I'd know...

Squash Casserole

And finally, no holiday in my home would be complete without making an Ina Garten recipe. Her make ahead gravy is as easy as it is delicious. 

 Make Ahead Gravy

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for sticking with me over the years! I'm looking forward to reconnecting with each and every one of you.

xo- Jennifer

Make My Day. Or Yours.

I'm about to make your day. How would you like an awesome Black Friday deal that you can use right now from the comfort of your own home? What? You'd love it. Me too.

Last night just before I went to bed I happened to double check the { RugsUSA website }. I've had my eye on a rug for the nursery but wanted to wait until Black Friday to see if I could get it for more than 35% off.

Last night I hit the jackpot. 75% off! I think I scared Justin when I jumped out of bed and ran upstairs mumbling something about a "super sale" and "rug". Luckily he's used to this kind of behavior and just rolled over and went to sleep.

Y'all, I got our nursery rug for 75% off!! If you head over there now you can find all kinds of amazing rugs for ridiculous prices just using the code "Black75".

And in case you were curious, I ordered the Moroccan Trellis Rug in Charcoal. I wanted something a bit more grounded to keep the room from being too, too girly.

We're almost done with a few of the big nursery projects so hopefully I'll get to share them next week. Hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy shopping!!