An Easy Organizing Tip For Under $15.

When I was brainstorming ideas for this closet, I wanted to make sure that everything had a place. I've learned from experience that,

1) If you don't see it, you won't use it.

2) If it doesn't have a home, it tends to roam.

Yes, I actually made that last one rhyme. It's true though! How many times have you walked around picking up your home only to find a few miscellaneous items that you then toss into a nearby drawer or basket? How long was it before those items saw the light of day again? If you're anything like us, the answer is pretty embarrassing.

Given that tendency, I was determined to make sure every last item had a home. When it came to my purses, I was a bit stumped. Usually, I kept them all stacked in a clear tote on a closet shelf. Technically they were organized, but I ended up forgetting what I owned and sticking to the same 2 purse rotation. When I came up with the solution, I was shocked I had never though of it before.

Purse Collection, I'd like you to meet a curtain rod.

YEP! A curtain rod. What a perfectly simple way to easily display all of my purses! (Yes, I'm aware I have quite a few. I'm an organized hoarder.)

Now I can see what I have and easily lift the rod to gain access to any purse my heart desires. I also love the pops of color it adds against the dark gray wall. Who says purses can't be decor?

Here's a bit further back. You can even catch a glimpse of the "secret" project for later this week. I can't wait to share that one with you!

The great thing about using a curtain rod to organize purses is that it's incredibly adaptable. You can easily find one as narrow or as wide as you need and it would also mount easily to the back of a closet door if you're short on space. Just make sure to use the correct screws!

And finally, the best part of this project was the price. It was only $6 for each curtain rod! For under $15 I got a customized storage solution. Gotta love that.

What about you? Is there a need for purse storage in your life? I'm all about the pressing issues here.