Bathroom Updates.

We've done quite a few things to our bathroom since we've moved in, not all of which I've shared on the blog. Today I'm getting you all caught up! Here's the bathroom in all of it's original glory. If glory is ugly and painted like Kermit the frog.

Aaaannnd here it is today. Sorry for the weird yellow glow but that's what you get for using your i-Phone. The biggest change was painting the room a nice, calm bluish-gray. It really is  amazing how much a $30 gallon of paint can change a space.

We also replaced the gold chandelier with a much sleeker recessed LED light. This was the first electrical project Justin and I took on together and when it actually worked, well, I don't think I've ever been prouder. We've found out that the wiring in the house is a bit interesting, so we're approaching future projects with a it's-going-to-take-much-longer-and-more-effort-that-you-think attitude. For now, we're extremely happy to have said good-bye to the gold!

Another extremely affordable project I tackled was spray painting the cabinet hardware. Since we really want to completely re-do the bathroom down the road, I didn't want to invest a lot of money on new drawer knobs right now. Instead, I spent $7 on a can of spray paint and in an hour had completely "new" knobs. In case you can't remember what the old ones are, or don't want to scroll up, they were gold. See a theme here?

The last big change in this space so far has been the window. If you remember, there was a faux stained glass window insert that I blogged about removing { here }. Once the insert was removed, we were left with a completely blank canvas.

When I was in Home Depot one day, I happened to pass a curtain panel in the pattern below. It wasn't the right style since it was a single long panel, but I figured I could work with it. Using my favorite no-sew tape I hemmed the curtain to fit our window and then layered the fabric to give the appearance of a roman shade. I started at the top left and every six inches or so I hand sewed a stitch. I repeated it for every row and it added a fun effect to the curtain.

Here's a better picture from the side. It's almost ruffled, but in a more relaxed and imperfect way. We finished it off by adding a set of blinds for extra privacy and have been very happy with the results!

We've also managed to replace the ugly shell toilet, but I didn't figure you guys needed to see that. I mean it's a toilet. Not such an exciting project. There are still a million things to do for this bathroom but all in good time. The big things on our list are to find a rug, add some artwork and replace the faucets. Again, this project is more about updating this bathroom as cheaply as we can since we plan to remodel down the road.

For under $150, we took this bathroom from outdated to updated. Not too shabby, I'd say.