Best Birthday Present Ever.

I've had a lot of people ask me why I kept saying this was THE best birthday I've ever had. Well, it's because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!

More specifically, we had our offer for a house accepted on my birthday. In the past week, we've been through the inspection, re-negotiated and have moved on to all the joys of mortgage paperwork!

To say we are excited is an understatement. We are completely in love with this house. It was actually the first house we went to look at and we just knew it was right for us. Some call that crazy, we just call it luck. We're both pretty picky about what we wanted in a house, so when we saw this place we jumped!

We are confident this is where we're supposed to be (40 min North of Atlanta for those of you who are curious) and can't wait to start moving in. We have lots of ideas for projects we want to do that I will of course share with you guys on here! On a sidenote, I seriously can't stop watching the DIY network and going to Home Depot to look at things like door knobs and tile samples. It was bad enough when I was an interior designer but add to that being a homeowner...I'm in trouble! I have a feeling I'll be DIYing in my sleep...

I'll share a tour of the house as soon as we officially get the keys in a few weeks. Just curious, what was the first project you tackled when you moved into your new home? Did you put up a fence, re-paint or do something crazy like renovate your kitchen? I'd love to know!