Birthday Trip To Raleigh.

This past weekend I surprised Justin with a trip to Raleigh, NC to see Georgia Tech play on his birthday. I'm still not quite sure how I kept it a secret for the past month or so, but I did! He was so shocked, it took him a full five minutes before he even understood what I was telling him. I got him good!

Since we were there for the weekend, we decided to check out the many college campuses that call the area home. The first one, and most beautiful by far, was Duke University. It was so pretty, I was frantically snapping pictures as we drove through the campus, hence the blurriness of a few of the pictures. The architecture of the buildings was absolutely incredible. See for yourself...

Do the pictures remind you of a castle? That's all I could think about. I would have LOVED to get to snoop around more and see what the insides of the buildings looked like. I'm curious if they match the architecture of the outside, or if they've been modernized a bit. On a completely different end of the spectrum, there was the Law building below. It' so modern! If you look closely, you can see dozens of hanging light fixtures inside. I loved the them and so I snapped a pic.

And the houses. Oh, the houses! I would have jumped at the chance to see inside any of them. I have a deep love for Tudor style houses. They remind me so much of the English countryside. (Sigh.)

And this quaint little house was just too cute to not take a picture. These Duke people really know how to make me want to live here.

Duke has such a pretty campus and I'm so glad we got to do a little exploring! Tomorrow it's all about the food we ate. We found a couple great hidden that was decorated like the inside of a genie's bottle! For a sneak peak, follow me on twitter { here }. What about you guys, do you have a favorite college campus? Do you like to explore college towns?

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday to my amazing husband. I'm so glad I got to surprise you with such a fun trip!