Bye-Bye 70's.

A few weeks ago I found this 70's style table tucked away in the corner of a thrift store. I had already gone through most of the store and thought I was leaving empty-handed, until I saw this baby. It looked pretty sad--cheap laminate wood, dingy color--but it wasn't anything a fresh coat of paint and  a fun pattern couldn't fix! I started by lightly sanding the table and then spray painting a coat of white paint for a base.

Next, I used an incredibly high tech method for deciding which color I wanted to paint the table...spray painting each color on a piece of paper towel. (I'm trademarking that move by the way.) I pretty easily eliminated the green on the right, but had a harder time picking between the two blues. Ultimately, the bright aqua won out.

The last step before painting the table was to tape off the pattern. I simply started in the middle and worked my way out. I cut dozens of small strips of tape to make a chevron pattern. It was pretty time intensive, but definitely worth it. Oh, and I decided to do all of this in a hot garage on a 90+ degree day in Georgia. I design. I never said I was brilliant.

All in all, I LOVE how the table turned out. When I showed it to my husband, the first thing out of his mouth was how great it would look in a baby's nursery. Well, it was actually more like "that looks like a color for a baby". I inferred the rest.

I'm selling this table, so if you love it as much as I do, it can be yours! It's $75 and only being sold locally (sorry!). If you live in the Atlanta area and are interested, email me at!