Coat Closet Make-over.

Image borrowed from { here }. (Not our actual closet.)

Does this closet remind you of anything? Maybe your own coat closet? This is similar to how our coat closet looked before I got my hands on it. It had one measly shelf hung up high, and lots of wasted space above and below. I'm sure back in the day when everyone wore long trench coats it was handy to have so much hanging space. But today? Well, I think it's time to re-think coat closets. Here's our newly re-done coat closet...

Lovely! Originally, that top shelf was the only shelf in the closet. It was hung so high up, it was impossible to have space to organize anything else. We lowered it a good bit and put in an extra shelf for added storage. The box on the left acts as a handy place to store gloves and winter hats and there is plenty of space for all our games. Can you tell we love games?

I think I mentioned how long it took us to clean this house when we moved in, but if not, it took forever. That's what prompted us to start with the closets. Every bit of shelving had to come out, be cleaned and put back in correctly. They used tiny nails to put everything in. Not correct in the least. While we were re-doing everything, I suggested we paint as well. I picked a nice dark gray that I thought would be an unexpected surprise for a closet. We love it! Oh and ignore the beige walls...they'll be re-painted to fit the new color scheme down the road.

Even though we lowered the bottom shelf, there is still tons of space to comfortable hang all of our coats. There's even room for a trench coat or two in the future. You could easily add a rack for shoes on the bottom, but we didn't need it so I left it empty. It's all about seeing what you need in your space and customizing it to fit your lifestyle. For us, it was games and jackets. Done and done.

So to recap, here's the easy way to make-over your coat closet.

1- Lower your shelf! Grab your longest coat and use that to determine just how low you can go.

2- Add more shelves. Home Depot and Lowe's sell wire shelving for closets. They'll even cut it in store! We got four shelves to fit in our closet (the extra went into the linen closet) for under $20. Cheap and easy!

3- Organize. Grab a couple inexpensive boxes and get to sorting. Figure out what you want to store and what you need the easiest access to. Items you don't need all the time go to the top shelf, other items get out within easy reach.

4- Don't be afraid of color! Closets are the perfect place to inject a bit of color that you wouldn't normally put into a room.

There you have it, a quick and easy closet make-over you could do in a day and for under $50! The coat closet was just the beginning in our closet make-overs. This week I'll share the rest of our closet make-overs along with a couple easy recipes that I know you'll love!

Now it's your turn...any closet organizing tips you'd like to share?