Creamy Cilantro Dressing.

I used to despise cilantro. I refused to eat even the tiniest leaf. And forget salsa. It ruined it.

And then, one day I woke up and cilantro wasn't so bad.

In fact, I started to like it. And then love it. And now, I'm obsessed.

Isn't it weird how that can happen?

I've heard it takes children at least a dozen times of trying a new food before they will like it. So often, we give up if we try something once and don't care for it. I say, try and try again. If you don't like boiled carrots (who does??), try roasting them. Not a fan of brussell sprouts? Try shredding them with bacon and onions. I challenge you to take a food that you don't normally like, and try preparing it in a way that you've never tasted before.

Every single one of us is going to have foods that we genuinely don't like, but we also all have foods that we simply don't like prepared certain ways. Take one food this week and try to figure out which category it falls into: wrong food or wrong preparation.

This cilantro dressing is sweet, tart and oh so delicious on salads. In the pictures, I paired it with a salad of strawberries and sliced almonds which was inspired bythis { Cheeky Lady }. I've also tried it with diced tomatoes, peaches and red onion on a bed of lettuce, which I have to say was my favorite variation. It's ridiculous, in the best way possible.

Creamy Cilantro Dressing

{serves 4-6 }

- 1 large clove garlic

- 2 TBS plain low-fat yogurt

- ½ cup cilantro, not packed

- ¼ cup rice wine vinegar

- ½ cup olive oil

- juice of 1 lime

- 1 TBS sugar

- 1 tsp salt

Blend together and serve.


What foods have you disliked but are now among your favorite foods?