Culinary Tour of Woodstock.

Disclaimer: Don't read this post if you're hungry. This post is 100% drool inducing food.

Last night Justin and I got to attend the first Atlanta Culinary Tour of Woodstock.

And it was delicious. I also won the tickets so it was free.

Is there anything better than delicious free food? Nope. Not at all.

The first stop on our tour was Ipps, which is a new restaurant from the same people who own Ippolito's. Oh my heavens. They were the first stop, and hands down the best stop. Here's the spread...

They started us off with a glass of red sangria and later a glass of white. I must be a bad wife because Justin has never had good sangria before (the horror!). I think he's a little obsessed with it now. Their sangria is fantastic!

The samples we tried were an eggplant rolentini, a cannoli and one of the best things I've EVER eaten called Pepe. It's a piece of sausage wrapped in dough and cooked with honey and marinara sauce. That honey, oh good gracious. I'm going to need that again soon. Real soon.

The next tour stop was the Foxtale Bookshop. I have a thing for cute, independent bookstores and this one fit the bill. I can't wait to go back and browse around.

They also had the most quaint bathroom I've ever seen. It was so cozy I wanted to curl up with a book. In a bathroom. Weird, I know.

Our next stop was Freight Kitchen and Tap. We've actually eaten here before and love that it's located right next to the railroad tracks. It's the perfect spot to sit outside and enjoy the pretty weather. I started with a Singapore Sling, which is evidently a cocktail from my parent's generation. I loved it!

First up on our tasting was a fried green tomato with a bacon aioli (vat of that to-go please!). Enough said.

The star of the show, however, was the braised pork over cheddar grits. Melt-in-your-mouth good. Next time we come, I'll take whatever braise they've got going.

Moving on. Are you full yet? We certainly were but we still had three stops to go! The next stop was Pure Taqueria. Their upstairs patio is the place to be at night. Especially if you have one of their peach margaritas in hand.

They brought us out plates full of calamari, mussels, guacamole, salsa and cheese dip. I could have eaten that cheese dip all night and been a happy girl. What can I say? I'm easy to please.

Last but not least, the final "dinner" food of the night was at Firestone Pizza and Grill. Here we tried a new ceviche dish and their sausage pizza. They also have a great patio that we're looking forward to visiting again. So many options for places to go!

Finally, for the grand finale we headed to the new cupcake shop, Cupcakelicious. We got to sample their oreo cupcake, birthday cupcake, and a sweet and salty cupcake. To say Justin was obsessed with the oreo one would be an understatement. My guess is we'll be back this weekend. When he told the owner how much he and I liked the cupcake, he actually referred to me as a "cupcake aficionado". I think my face turned bright red. Yes, cupcakes are my thing but "aficionado", I'm not too sure.

There you have it, our tour of Woodstock. The guys leading the tour did a great job and it's easily worth the money. I mean, look at all we got to do! They also offer tours for other areas of Atlanta so if you're looking for a fun date night or group outing, check them out! Your stomach will be glad you did.

Find all the tour info { here }.