Finders Keepers.

A couple weeks ago, Justin and I were driving around Atlanta with no real plans. We'd eaten lunch, window shopped, bought way too many sweets from a bakesale and were in route to a movie when the car suddenly turned into...

the Dump.

Now before you go thinking that's gross, The Dump is actually a furniture store. I'd been talking about going to check it out for forever, and being a sweet husband, he decided to surprise me with a quick trip. I actually squealed. (What can I say? I love design.)

As excited as I was to stroll around the store, I was a little disappointed with what they had to offer. The prices were hit or miss, and out of a Walmart-sized store, I only found a handful of pieces I thought were interesting. Here's what I found...

I've actually seen the room divider above used in a design by Candice Olson {see her here}, my all-time favorite designer. I scoured the internet, but couldn't find a picture of how she used it in her design. Trust me when I say, it looked incredible. At $250, I don't really think it's a "must-have" piece, but if you're looking for a more rustic look and have a little money to spare, it could be just what you're looking for!

Speaking of rustic designs, I loved this cabinet. It would look perfect in a modern space to add in something a bit unexpected. And the storage. Oh, the storage. Think of all the gorgeous dishes you could store in this baby! Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the price tag. It was at least $1,000, which I definitely wouldn't pay. I found several pieces while out thrifting yesterday that were a lot cheaper and would look just as good. It pays to bargain hunt!

When I saw this headboard my immediate thought was, "I could make that". Then I saw the price tag and I thought, I could definitely make that. Granted, the price included the bed frame, but it's still a no-go in my book. Cheap bed frames are easy to find and this headboard would be a piece of cake to make. I'm actually in the process of sourcing the materials to make something like that (yep, that's how we came up with the name of the company). If anyone has any great places to find reclaimed wood, please share!

I'd also love to make this table (above) with reclaimed wood when we move into a house. At almost $900, it's not a horrible price, but I think I could do better. I guess I was feeling a rustic vibe that day because, well, all my finds were rustic. Oh, and ignore the chairs above. They're hideous.

This huge $1,000 table (the one on the bottom) would make a fantastic island in a kitchen. Seriously, it's huge. I'd put a couple coats of sealer on it to make it more kitchen-friendly, but other than that it's ready to go. I love the idea of putting this piece in a modern kitchen with these tiles {see here} and white lighting {see here}. Can you tell I dream about designing my own kitchen one day?

And lastly, I liked the wood detailing on the back of this $120 chair. I'd change the fabric to something a little more fun like this {seen here} (it's the one in the upper left corner). As great as the newly recovered chair would be, it's still too expensive in my book, especially after adding the price of the new fabric. Like I said, the prices and selection at The Dump were hit or miss. I've had better luck elsewhere. If you know of a great place to shop in Atlanta I'd love to hear about it!