Finders Keepers: Mountain Edition.

While we were up in North Georgia, we hit up a few thrift stores and flea markets. We found some really fun stuff!

I loved these old $35 drink pallets. How fun would it be to use them at a party?! The yellow one was specifically calling my name...

Keeping in line with the soda theme, Justin tried convincing me to get this grill for tailgating parties. It was so cute, but the $90 price tag just wasn't in the budget.

Speaking of not in the budget, this $110 fan definitely didn't make the cut. I LOVED it though. It would make a great accent piece in an office. Sadly, it was left behind.

When I saw these large $125 wheels, my immediate thought was to use them to create a light fixture. (Albeit a very heavy one.) I loved the rustic look that could be paired in a really modern space.

Anyone know what this basket was made to hold? If you guessed eggs, you would be correct! I loved the pop of yellow and thought it would look great hanging in a kitchen to hold fruits and vegetables. At $40, it was still more than we wanted to spend. (I told y'all I'm cheap!)

Old vending machine anyone? I would love to have one of these in my house to dispense snacks. I'd definitely be the coolest parent on the block with this baby.

One of my favorite finds of the day was this old pump. I'd retrofit it to work as a bathroom or kitchen faucet. If I was allowed to have red anywhere in the house (it's a tough life being married to a Yellow Jacket), I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. At  $85, it would make one heck of a conversation piece.

I snapped a picture of this sign because I think it would be really easy to DIY one at home. Nail a couple boards together, add some paint or vinyl cutouts, and viola, new art! I think it would look particularly good in a little boys room.

Change the colors up a bit and cut a space in the top for a sink, and this would make a terrific bathroom vanity! I can't seem to remember the price...

When I saw this chest, Justin and I both said we wanted it. What we didn't want was the $550 price tag. It was an absolutely gorgeous piece that I'm sure someone snapped up shorty after we left.

I loved the colors of these place mats. Put them in a simple frame and you have a great piece of art for a kitchen!

And lastly, we found a great selection of large sticks. The rustic ones would make a great unexpected curtain rod. Just don't run out to your yard to find a stick...chances are you'll be bringing in a few buggy friends along with it. Instead, look to buy one that has been treated or dried to get rid of unwanted pests.

There you have it, our North Georgia finds. Did you find anything you like? Or maybe have a different idea for how to use something we found? Share, share!