Finders Keepers: Outdoor Furniture.

Since Spring is right around the corner, it seems every store had moved outdoor furniture and gardening supplies front and center. In the past patio furniture was pretty basic, a few metal chairs and a glass table. Maybe a couple plain throw pillows thrown in for good measure.

Not anymore!

I'm loving all the warm woods and bright patterns I'm seeing this year for outdoor furniture. A couple days ago I was in Lowe's (a slight obsession as of late), and snapped a few pics of my favorite finds.

First up, this table below. I bet if I didn't tell you, you would have assumed it was a normal dining room table. Isn't it pretty? This would be an easy way to add class to any outdoor space.

And forget boring pillows. Lowe's, Target, Home Depot...they all have great colors and patterns to pick from. Here's a few I found at Lowe's.

And lastly, I loved these barrels. As in, we'll probably buy a few in the coming weeks. They're the perfect pot to plant an herb garden. These barrels will pay for themselves after a few weeks of using fresh herbs instead of having to buy them. That's one of my number one tip for saving money in the kitchen- grow your own herbs. You'll have flavorful food without the $2+ price tag each week at the store.

All these finds have me excited about starting to furnish our own deck and patio. Luckily for you guys, you can still enter to win a $25 gift-card to jump start your Spring redesign!

For all the details go { here } or to my Facebook page { here }. If you've already entered, remember that when someone "Likes" your comment, they also need to "Like" the page.

The giveaway is open until the end of next week so there's still lots of time to enter. Happy "Liking"!