First Purchase.

A couple weeks ago I spent the day hanging out with a friend in Atlanta. After lunch, we ended up at the Habitat Re-Store. If you've never heard of it before, it a huge warehouse were people donate old/new building supplies. I've been there a couple times and it's pretty hit or miss. They have furniture, but I can usually find better prices at a thrift store. If you're looking for actual building materials, like tiles or door locks, they seemed to have a decent selection. As we walked around, I did find a couple good finds...

I LOVED these rustic lanterns. At $59 each, they would make a great statement flanking a mirror in a bathroom.

Here's another great fixture. I was surprised to see the original $510 price tag, but I've seen lots of versions of this piece for several different price ranges. Again, a nice light to place in a guest bathroom.

I love the details of this glass table. It's light and bright because of the glass, but the richness of the metal creates a great contrast. Perfect piece for a guest room nightstand.

We also found a great selection of windows (and a VERY awkward drawing of a pumpkin head bikini girl??). There are so many great uses for old windows, a few of which can be found { here }.

The best find of the day was.........linoleum tile. Yep, it's true. My mother-in-law gave me a great tip a couple weeks ago about lining cabinet shelves. I'm planning to line the kitchen cabinets in the new house with contact paper, but under the kitchen sink, my mother-in-law suggested using linoleum tile. It's thicker, waterproof and much easier to wipe down than contact paper. Such a good idea! The best part, I got 8 tiles for under $1.82 total. I found the exact same time { here } for $2.21 per tile. Sweeeet!

After I bought the tile, I realized it was the FIRST purchase for our new house! How appropriate that our first purchase for the house was under $2.00. Let's hope I can keep the rest of the purchases around the same price (yeah right). Here I am (below) with the tile, and my second purchase, fabric to make a pillow for our future guest room. It is SO fun to finally be able to have a house to buy for!

What about you? Do you have any special stores you go to for great deals? Have you gotten a great deal lately? If so, I'd love to feature you on here!