From Shabby to Chic.

You really never know who you're going to meet or how they'll come into your lives. For instance, I met Heather at a friend's birthday party. I had no idea then that she would become my client, or better yet, that she would be the sweetest, easiest client you could ever ask for! Seriously. It was so fun to work with Heather to design the kitchen and dining room of her new condo, where she wanted something elegant and 40's inspired. She e-mailed me these pictures of the space...

And I came up with this,


The design!

1. I suggested she paint all the doors white and add trim to give them an updated look. This is such an inexpensive way to add value to the space!

2. This is the wall color for the kitchen and the color of the kitchen cabinets. The wall color is a pale, icy gray that will look fantastic with the dark cabinets and newly painted white doors.

3. When I found this chandelier, I knew it had to go in the room. Happily, Heather loves it just as much as I do! This is such a statement piece, that it's well worth the price tag. (Which wasn't much by the way. It pays to have me find deals!)

4. This is the pattern I suggested she paint (or wallpaper) on the arched wall in the room. (It's the wall in the photo second from the top on this page.) It'll make a huge statement in the room, without costing a fortune. In fact, it'll cost less than that dinner you ate out last weekend! And don't think it's too difficult to paint. I gave Heather easy tips for how to recreate this on her own.

5. These are the colors for the painted wall. The same shade as the kitchen, plus a few shades darker for the contrasting pattern.

6. Mirrored furniture can be really expensive, but silver-leafing is a really affordable way to get  a similar design aesthetic. I took something that was way over budget, and gave an easy option for 1/4 of the price!

7. Bar stools for the kitchen.

8. Dining room table.

9. I suggested pops of yellow to go in the room for a bit of contrast.

10. A fun, and yet subdued rug like this would be the perfect compliment to the space.

11. These chairs are fantastic. And really, really affordable. When added to each end of the table, they'll make even the most inexpensive table look like it cost a fortune! It's all about being smart with where you spend your money.

Well folks, there you have it. My design for Heather's kitchen and dining room. I LOVE how it turned out and, better yet, so did she! I managed to take a really tight budget and turn it into an elegant space that looks like it cost much, much more. Heather is currently in the middle of translating my design from paper to real life, so I'll share pictures of updates as I get them.

If you were at all on the fence about e-design, hopefully you're not anymore. I'll bet that when you were reading this post, you were thinking about a certain room in your home. Curious as to what I could do with that space? Email me. Chances are, you spend more at the grocery store last week then it would cost for me to give you a space that you'll love.

P.S. The design information above is pretty basic. Heather actually got a lot more information, drawings and tips. To be fair to her, I've left that out of this blog post. If you have any questions about anything you've seen (or want to buy), email me for more information!