Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby is one of my absolute favorite places to shop. Not only do they consistently beat Michael's prices, but they also have really amazing clearance sales. A couple days ago my mom and I were shopping and decided to stop by Hobby Lobby. We didn't think we'd find much, so we didn't even grab a buggy. By the time we left, we had not one cart, but two.

It turned out that Hobby Lobby was having an 80% off sale. Now when I think of clearance, I don't think 30% or 50% counts. But, 80%...now we're talking. They had a lot of fantastic stuff (most of it random) and we ended up getting more than our share. We actually found the best deals on the last aisle. When we rounded the corner, I seriously heard Angels singing. Baskets in any size and color, all 80% off.

I love a good woven basket and you better believe I came home with several. I didn't pay over $4 for any of them either! I got one to hold blankets, one to create a basket of toiletries for guests when they come over and the last one, well, just because I liked it. It's called being prepared. At least, that's what I told my husband.

Morale of the story, hightail it to Hobby Lobby and get in on the action.