How To: Jewelry Wall, Part 2.

If you thought yesterday's project was easy, just wait until you see what I made with just three items. Yep, THREE!

You'll need a long dowel (the white rod in the photo below), a couple of screw in hooks and a few plastic anchors. I have to say, the dowel was actually pretty expensive. It was $0.97 at Home Depot AND they cut it to size for me. I had enough to do the entire project with just one $0.97 dowel. The hooks were only a couple bucks as were the plastic anchors. This entire project costs under $10.

Interested yet?

Use the plastic anchors to attach the hooks to the wall (so you don't have to hit studs) and you have the perfect custom sized rod to display all of your jewelry! I painted my rod white, but you could do any color of the rainbow.

I LOVE that I can see everything I own in one quick glance. It also looks so dang pretty! If I want to grab something, I simply unclasp a necklace or lift up the bar for a bracelet. Easy as pie.

I also made room for a few pieces that wouldn't work well on the wall, like my stud earrings and perfume. That's where the shelf came in handy.

I can't tell you how fun it is to have such an organized (and girly!) closet. In fact, I think I'll start calling it a dressing room. Put a box of Thin Mints and a chair in there and I'd be happy for weeks!

So there you have it, my wall of jewelry. The entire project--shelf, earring frame and jewelry rods came in at around $30. Not bad for a completely custom wall!

I still have a few more details to share, like how to easily paint stripes and how to turn an item from sale to clearance, so check back this week for more easy ideas!

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