Make-Your-Life-Easier Project Inspirations.

Today's post is all about learning what you can do to personalize your space and make life easier in the process. Like I said yesterday, I really do believe that before you can have a beautiful home, you need to have an organized home. Since we're all different, that will mean different things for each of us. I'll share what works for me, and hopefully that will inspire you to think of something great that will work with your lifestyle!

Ok, so to set up the first project we tackled, I have to tell you that I wash my hands. A lot. In the course of making dinner I usually wash my hands around 10 times. Crazy, I know. With that said, I needed to find the perfect place to put a towel to dry my hands. It needed to be close to the sink and I didn't want it hanging off a cabinet knob or directly in front of the sink. (I find I usually bump the towel off constantly when it's in those locations.) After a quick glimpse around the kitchen, I saw the perfect spot...

It's unused space, easily reachable from the sink and won't immediately draw your eyes when you come in the kitchen. Perfect! I initially thought about putting a single hook for a single towel, but then decided to go out of the box. Why not put a whole towel bar? It would fit the space perfectly and give me room for a couple more towels. Justin and I headed to Home Depot and picked up a towel bar and brackets for under $10.

My handyman. Best part is that labor is free.

Tada! A great solution that fits our needs and looks pretty great in the process. I've already used the towel bar for a week or so now and love it. It's really handy having quick access to a few towels. In fact, when I accidental exploded a can of tomatoes all over the kitchen the other night, I was thankful I could snatch up one of the towels to quickly clean up the mess. (Don't ask.)

The other quick made-our-lives-easier project we tackled was to install a recycling bin. We are serious recyclers around here and can accumulate a lot of recycling throughout the week. In an effort to keep the kitchen clutter-free, I decided to install a recycling bin in one of the cabinets. I made sure to pick a cabinet near the sink (so we could easily rinse items and toss them in the bin) and would ensure a sung fit for the bin. We bought { this } model from The Container Store (on sale of course!) and it was a snap to install. (FYI that is Justin's leg in the picture. The boy can't seem to get out of a picture frame to save his life!)

There you have it, two simple projects that have made our lives a bit more organized. I hope this inspires you to look around your own space and see what could use a little organizing!