Modern Entryway Reveal.

Today I'm excited to show you the finished entryway! If you didn't get to read yesterday's post, you can catch up on that { here }. For those who want quick re-cap, I recently finished up work on an entryway, taking the space from old-fashioned country, to sleek and modern. Here's another look at what I started with...

And here's what I came up with...aka, The Plan Stan.

And finally, here's a few after shots!

I'll break down the project over the next few days and give you a few tips you can use in your own home. I LOVE this space and am so happy the homeowners are just as happy. Oh and see that gorgeous gray rug in the last picture, I'll share that room with you soon. Is it wrong to be jealous of a client's house? Because I totally am.

Someday, casa Smith you'll be just as beautiful. I promise.