Moodboard: Living Room Retreat

Was last week weird for anyone else? It felt unusual to celebrate a holiday on a Wednesday and then resume the usual work week after that. I think if a holiday falls in the middle of the week it should be law that you get the rest of the week off. Amen?   Ok, good. Now that I got that off my chest, I'm here to share another moodboard! Remember this {entryway moodboard} that I shared a couple weeks ago? Well, this is the same project. This time I'm focusing on the living room.

The clients already had a lot of great items to work with: gorgeous gray sofas, a pretty wood coffee table (that the client made herself!), and a layout that worked for the space. They needed help with lighting, artwork, floor covering, pillows and accessories. Here's what I came up with...

A classy, fun space for a classy and fun couple. I'll be back tomorrow to share a few pictures of the finished space!