Moving on Up...

Well, we finally closed on our house and moved in! To say we love this house is an understatement. We adore it. It's such a quaint area to live. When we were moving in, a few kids set up a lemonade stand across the street. I mean how sweet and neighborhoodly is that (and yes, that is a word). We really feel at home here and it's only been a couple days. God is good!

As promised, here's the "grand" tour. I had planned on snapping pics once the previous owners moved everything out, but moving was so crazy it just didn't happen. The stuff you see in these pictures is NOT our stuff. They have a few *cough* interesting decor ideas so I just want to make sure you don't think that's our style. Ok, good.

First up, the foyer. The stairs you see to the left go up to the kitchen/sunroom/office/full bathroom/laundry room.

Here's the view from the front door. Those french doors in the back go out onto a patio that also has stairs up to the deck.

Another view into the living room.

Looking back on the entryway. The door you see under the ceiling fan is actually a hallway that leads to two bedrooms, a guest bathroom and the master suite. The stairs you see going down on the left lead to the garage and an extra bedroom.

Here's my favorite part of the house, the kitchen! It's even bigger in person than it looks in this picture. We have LOTS of plans for this space. The door you see on the right is the laundry room. To the left of the laundry room is the office and to the right is a full bathroom.

And here's the sunroom. It really feels like you're living in a treehouse here.

More sunroom...

and still more sunroom.


This is the bedroom right off the kitchen that we're going to use as an office. It has such a great view out of those windows.

Here's one of the guestrooms. There is another one almost identical to this one.

Guest bathroom.

Master bedroom with an incredible trey ceiling. The door you see to the right has already been replaced with a window. We're not big fans of doors in our bedroom.

Master bathroom. It needs a complete re-haul but that will be years down the road. Until then, we hope to paint over that green ASAP. Who paints a bathroom Kermit the Frog green?

This is the extra bedroom downstairs and that door leads out to the driveway. It came in VERY handy when we were moving stuff in. I'd show you a picture of it now, but you can't even see the floor with all the boxes. Oh, the joys of unpacking.

This is a side view of the sunroom and deck (obviously). This is only about 1/4 of the yard. We're planning to re-fence the entire yard down the road. It's actually a really big lot.

See? Look at all that un-fenced space just begging to be cleared out and adorned with a hammock. On the to-do list it goes.

There you have it, our first home! I'll show you a few updated pics later this week. It is so much fun to actually have an entire blank space to design. So many possibilities!