My Favorite Kitchen Tools, Under $15.

I'm all about making life easier. I love to cook and chop, but sometimes I just want to snap my fingers and have dinner on the table. These tools are all about helping you make dinner quicker, easier and tastier. I mean, any time you leave the kitchen not annoyed, dinner tastes that much better, right? Starting in reverse order...

5. Pampered Chef Kernel Cutter, $8.00

I know what you're only eat fresh corn during the summer so why would you spend $8 on a tool to help you cut it off the cob? You could use a knife, right? Well, you could, but this tool is SO much easier to use. I've mentioned it before, but I love this little kernel cutter. I refuse to eat corn on the cob (I'm guessing it's back from my many years with braces where I couldn't eat it), so I'm always looking for an easy way to cut the kernels off. I've stopped looking. If you love corn, this tool is for you.

4. Rabbit Wine Stoppers

I love to cook with wine. And drink wine. Pretty much anything to do with wine makes me happy. What didn't make me happy was trying to shove a cork back into an unfinished bottle. A couple times in desperation, my husband and I have been known to cram a paper towel in the bottle to "seal" it. (Just trying to keep it classy, folks.) We were in a store a few weeks ago when we noticed these cute little suckers. At under $6 for two, they are an incredible deal! The only hard part...picking which color you want.

 3. Pampered Chef Mix-n-Scraper, $14.50

Now before you go thinking this is Pampered Chef sponsored post, I'll tell you now it's not. My mom's a teacher and in the past 20 years, she's been invited to at least 50 Pampered Chef parties. I'm not too sure why, but teachers seem to always have "buy at home" parties. Of those 50 parties, I've been to at least half of them. I've seen every single product, and between my mom and I, we probably own it. Some I love, and some aren't worth the money. If I'm sharing it, it means I love it and I think it's better than something you'd find in a traditional store. Now back to this mix-n-scraper.  I own at least 5 of them in varying sizes and use them every. single. day. They're heat safe, so I don't worry about them melting, and they have the perfect ratio of spoon to scraper. Need a do-it-all spoon in your kitchen? This is it.

 2. Microplane Zester, $11.05

At only $11.05, this tool is WELL worth the money. One of the best ways to add flavor and perk up a dish is with citrus zest. Before I had this zester, I'd try to cut off the zest with a knife...very unsafe. I nearly cut my finger off more time than I can count, which I'm embarrassed to admit. This tool will zest any fruit you've got and will do it with ease. I also use this tool to grate chocolate and parmesan (thought not at the same time). I'm telling you, this will be the best $11 you've spend in your kitchen!

Finally drumroll.................

1. Oxo Good Grips Tongs, $11.85

 I have no idea what I did before I had tongs. No, seriously. I use them to toss salads, flip meat in a pan or on the grill, mix spaghetti...the list is endless. If I could only have one kitchen tool for the rest of my life, I'd pick tongs. Hands down. At $11.85, I suggest you pick up more than one pair. The first time you need to use them and your husband already needs them for X,Y,Z...well it's going to be really annoying. Not that I'd know from experience or anything.


There you have it, my top 5, under $15 kitchen tools!  What's your favorite kitchen tool?

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