Nursery Closet Make-Over.

Well, I could go on an on about how sorry I am that I've left y'all hanging the past couple weeks. I could talk about the babymoon we went on to Asheville, having my first baby shower, working like crazy on the nursery and all the other things in my life lately, but I won't right now. Instead, I'll share a project with you. You guys know how much I LOVE an organized closet so when I started designing the nursery, I knew it was the first place we had to start.

Girl + First Grandchild on Both Sides = Lots of Clothes

I mean, really I had no choice but to re-do the closet. A couple tiny rods just weren't going to cut it. Here's what we started with.

My first step whenever I'm working on a closet is to paint. I'm still loving the Fashion Gray color we've used on our other closets ( here & here ) so on went the paint. We're still on the same gallon we used for the other closets so even better than a painted closet was a "no extra money out of pocket" painted closet. My favorite kind.

My handyman taking out part of the basboard so the units could mount flat to the wall.

The next step was to actually source materials for a built-in closet on a DIY price. Enter ClosetMaid. After looking around, ClosetMaid had the perfect mix of units to customize the closet. I also found Lowe's had the best prices and since we used our Lowe's card, we got an extra 5% off.

(Disclaimer: We definitely don't believe in buying now paying later. We simply use the card for an extra discount and then turn around and pay the bill immediately. Trust me, no design project is worth going into debt over!)

A few hours later and this is what we ended up with!

There's still a lot of accessorizing to do. I have fabric bins to put in, labels to make for the drawers and sizing labels to make for the rods, but you get the idea. The best part of the closet is that it can grow with her as she gets older. Once she's old enough to get ready on her own, the bottom six drawers will be re-labeled with days of the week (Sun-Fri) and we'll put her outfit for each day in the specific bin. That way she can learn to get dressed on her own. Oh, and for those wondering if I can do math (7 days, 6 drawers), Saturday will be a free day.

We can also easily remove a couple of the rods to accommodate adult sized clothing down the road. I'd rather have more rods now since her clothes are tiny than large rods that leave awkward spaces in the middle. It's all about customizing to what you need right now!

I'll share more pictures as I get things finished. Right now we're in the middle of working on a big project for the rest of the nursery but once that's done, I can't wait to share!