Oven Lovin'.

Remember when I mentioned last week that I might have a 392743953297 pound oven sitting in my kitchen? Well, I did. And it really did weigh a million pounds. In fact, it took FOUR people just to get it out of my car and up to the kitchen. Two of those people innocently came over to eat lunch. I might as well warn you now, we make you work for your food at the Smith house.

We hadn't really planned on replacing the old double oven yet (even though it was 20+ years old and only one of the ovens worked), but when I found this deal there was NO way we could pass it up. I have two words for you, Habitat Restore.

Habitat Restore is a place where people donate building materials and when they're sold, the proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity. It's like a Goodwill that only sells things for the home. In other words, right up my alley. It's located in Atlanta so I don't go very often, but I am signed up to get their emails.

A couple weeks ago I got an email with a caption that caught my eye. They had a Kenmore Elite double oven for sale. That's the exact same line both our dishwasher and refrigerator are from so I was immediately interested. I'd been pricing double ovens for the past few months and even on sale, and on sale some more, they are still at least $1,800-$2,000. When I called the store to ask about the price, I almost dropped the phone when they said it was $554. I very nearly ran to my car and drove straight down to Atlanta, but cooler heads prevailed.

If I waited until the morning and the oven was still there, I could get an extra 20% off due to a special promotion. I'm so glad I waited! I was standing at the front door at 9am sharp and ran straight for the oven. It was even more beautiful in person, but here were two problems,

1) there was no guarantee it would work and if it was returned, we'd only get store credit.

2) it was bigger than the current double oven so we weren't sure if it would fit.

Taking a leap of faith, I snatched the tag and went up front to pay. It was a bit nerve wracking during the installation, but y'all, it works! And it fits! Hallelujah!

Here's a reminder of what we started with

And here it is now!

We still need to order a piece of trim for the bottom and re-attach a piece of granite they had to remove above the dishwasher but other than that it's perfect!

For a grand total of $450 we are now the owner of two beautiful stainless steel double ovens. Heck to the yes.

Morale of the story: you never know what great deal is just around the corner.

What about you guys? Any fun deals lately?