Painted Doors.

This week I've shown you { before pictures } and { after pictures } of my latest project. Or shall I say, part of my latest project. There's still lots to come. Yep, lots!

Today I want to show you an easy and in-expensive project that you could do in one day. It's guaranteed to update your space and add a bit of drama to any room. Ready?

Tip: Paint your doors.

If you've never thought about painting your door a different color before, take a second to look around your home. Chances are you have one door that would make a fantastic feature in your home. It doesn't have to be a drastic color, just something different than builder white. Most of the time, the best option to paint is actually the back of your front door.

Here's a perfect example from the entryway I just finished. The door started out white and didn't add any character or architectural interest to the space. The space had gorgeous trim everywhere, but it was hard to notice in the sea of white. In this specific room, I thought painting the door black and leaving the trim white would make a great statement and update the room.

Tada! Isn't it amazing what a coat of black paint did for the space. It didn't hurt that the walls were re-painted, but the biggest difference in this room is the door. Modern and yet classic. Perfect fit for my clients. Oh and ignore the light fixture. I took this picture mid-project.

So there you have it, painted doors. For other great colors, you could do a soft turquoise or a pale yellow. Bright red closet doors or a fun green pantry door. The options are limitless. If you do go with a bold color, try to go with a color you haven't used in your decor. For red doors, try a color scheme of creams and blues. You never want to walk in a space and feel like everything matches.

Have fun with it! Your home should reflect your personal style and too often doors get forgotten. An unexpected door will make you smile every time you open it.