Painting a Ceiling.

Even though it's my favorite room in the house, last weekend wasn't all about the kitchen. We decided the back of our house needed some love too, so we took advantage of the paint deal I told y'all about last week and re-painted the guest room!

I've been slowly collecting items (like this ladder) to use in the room, but I knew painting would make the biggest difference. This is what we started with...

The new color palate is going to be white, turquoise, coral and tan. I'll whip up a moodboard to share with you guys in the next couple weeks so you can get a feel for where I'm going with this room. As far as paint goes, I knew I wanted a lighter color on the walls since this room doesn't get much sun.

Tip #1 : Many people forget that white is a color too! It makes a great backdrop for colorful accessories and bold patterns. So, white went the walls. (Say that three times fast.)

To add a bit of whimsy to the room, I decided to paint the ceiling, YES the ceiling, a light aqua.

Tip #2 : Look up! Painting your ceiling can dramatically change your space. Just try to keep it light since darker colors will make the room feel shorter.

We LOVE the color combo. It's calming and relaxed, with just a bit of the unexpected thrown in. Just how we like it. Oh and if the walls look a bit pink on your screen or the ceiling gray, blame it on the iPhone. They really are white/aqua.

I can't wait to show you everything else I've gathered for this room. I have bedding, a lamp, a re-covered chair, pillows...lots to share!

What about you? Ever painted a ceiling?