Quick and Easy.

Today I'm sharing a project that is so quick and easy, you'll wonder why you've never done it yourself! I've talked about my love of re-doing bathrooms a few times before, and this project does just that. This weekend Justin and I went down to his mom's house to help clean out a closet full of stuff that he and his brother had accumulated over the years. While the boys sorted through old ninja turtles and loads of hilarious school reports, his mom asked me to help her with a project. Her current hall bathroom looked like this...

She wanted to start updating the bathroom, and decided to start with the mirror. She simply bought molding from a local home improvement store, cut it to size, and stained it a darker color to match the existing bathroom cabinet. All I had to do was help her glue it into place with a product similar to Liquid Nails. Such an easy fix!

She still has plans to re-paint and change out light fixtures, but what a difference this "new mirror" makes! Oh and random fact, I painted the palm tree border you can kind-of see in the reflection in the mirror. About 10 years ago. (I've been around the Smiths for a pretty dang long time.)

There you have it, a quick easy project that you could do in less time than it takes to watch a movie! Oh and did I mention how inexpensive it is too? What about you guys...any home projects going on right now?