Reader Design: Placemat Pillow

I hope everyone had a fun and productive weekend and survived Monday! We're up to our eyeballs in projects over here. Between doing work for clients and starting a few new house projects of our own, I'm seriously dreaming of lamps and chairs at night. This morning we're finishing up our new window/door install so hopefully I'll get to share a picture with y'all tomorrow. It's amazing what changing a window can do for a space! Until then, I want to share a fun take on one of my ideas that a reader sent me. A couple days ago I received this message from Astrid,

"These pillows are the result of combining your posts on how to turn a placemat into a pillow plus your news of a sale at World Market! $2.50 each plus the cost of batting for 2 new pillows for under $10. And just the splash of fun and color my apartment needed :) I also picked up some new patio furniture. Love reading your blog. Keep up the great tips!!"

Didn't she do a great job?! I had to stop myself from running out of the door and going back to World Market as soon as I saw this picture. Two pillows for under $10, yes please. Thanks for sharing, Astrid!

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