Save Money With One Easy Tip.

Today I'm going to let you in on a little secret. You can turn a "sale" item into a "clearance" item with one simple trick. Just ask.

Say you're in Lowe's and you find a rug you like. It's the last rug like that in the store. Rather than settle for the normal price, or even the sale price, you take the item up to customer service and ask the magic question, "can you do any better on this price?".

When they reply, "how about 50% off", you squeal in excitement and slap your debit card on the counter before they can change their mind.

This was, in fact, a true story. It's how I found a rug to completely cover my closet floor for $20. YEP, $20!

For $20 bucks, I went from stained beige carpet to a gorgeous gray and black statement rug. It really makes this space feel like it has been completely redone. A little carpet tape underneath and that rug is here to stay!

I try my price trick with everything. If a purse has a small scratch that isn't really noticeable, I ask. Bam, 10% off. If I find an item I want but it's a floor model, I ask. Easy, 20% off. I've found that stores like TJ Maxx will only do 10% off, but places like Home Depot and Lowe's are a thrifty shopper's dream. Almost every time I've asked at either of those stores they've taken 50% off the item in question. I've only asked on items that were already on clearance or were the last one in stock, but I bet they would still work with you on any item in the store.

A friend of mine even tried my "trick" at World Market last week and snagged a wall clock for an extra 10% off. I mean really, what's the worst someone can say? No?

In my experience, it always pays to try. Next time you go shopping, make sure the Customer Service desk is your last stop. Who knows, it could pay for a fantastic lunch.