Sneak Peeks.

As promised, here are a couple sneak peeks of the guest room. We've gotten all the basics in, now it's all about the accessories! You've seen this view before, but now you can catch a glimpse of the rug I bought on sale from I love the boldness of the pattern mixed with such a neutral color. And at $90, you can't beat the price! The bedding you see rolled up on the dresser is just waiting to be washed and draped across the bottom of the bed.

I was planning on making a large wood framed mirror to go above the dresser, but when I spotted this version in Homegoods yesterday for $29.99, I snatched it up. It's unusual, rich in color and will add great texture to the space. I haven't tried it out in the room yet so there's always a chance I'll go back to plan A, but fingers crossed it works!

While out and about, I also found a great clearance section at Lowe's. I've been wanting to add a couple nice lanterns to the table on our deck and lo and behold, Lowe's had just what I needed. I scored two lanterns, one big and one small, for around $15 total. The tag said each lantern was regularly $36. Um, yes. Yes, please.

I also have had my eye on this light fixture (below) for quite a while. At $50 it wasn't too much of a budget buster, but Lowe's had it marked down to $25. Done. This baby is getting tucked away for a bathroom project down the road. Oh, and did I mention I used an extra $10 off coupon on the whole Lowe's purchase? Thrifty.

There you have it, my shopping cart in a glance. What about you guys? Find any great deals floating around out there?