The Money Pit.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! We spent the last couple weeks spending time with friends and family and working on the house. And I do mean working on the house. Has anyone ever seen the old Tom Hanks and Shelly Long movie "The Money Pit"? Well, looks like we bought it. (Full disclosure: we didn't look quite as happy as they did this week.)

In the past two weeks, we've had to deal with...

- putting in a new water heater

- having a spigot outside repaired (that we thought the seller had fixed)

- finding out that two toilets have to be replaced (again, something we thought the seller fixed)

- finding out one bathroom has to be completely re-drywalled

- two of the granite tiles they used on the kitchen countertops have cracked and are close to falling off

- our fireplace needed to be cleaned

- the washing machine leaked

- our dryer overheated causing us to find out a completely new dryer vent pipe to the outside needed to be installed

- the house leaked in FOUR places when it rained so bad a week ago...we're still waiting on a contractor to tell us how much that's going to cost

- my mom and i spent almost a week just cleaning the kitchen, and again, the seller had a "cleaning person" come clean the place

- on a walk one morning, Justin discovered a sewage pipe leaking in the back of our property...they are digging up part of the yard this morning to repair the damaged line

Is that enough to make your head spin? It definitely has ours. And that's not even everything. Last week we took all of the wire shelving out of most of the closets and had to clean and properly re-hang every shelf. We're learning that everything in this house is going to have to slowly be repaired and re-done. Cue, nervous laughter. I mean, seriously?

Even with all the drama, we still love the house. We met all the neighbors this weekend and are blessed beyond belief. Everyone was SO nice and we have a contractor, cabinet maker and electrician just on our little street. Something tells me we will be calling them all.

Even with all the repairs, we did take on a couple fun projects that I'll share with you guys this week as well as a few pictures of the house post move-in. What about y'all? Did you tackle any fun house projects during the Holidays?