Window City.

The window/door installation is FINALLY done! Amen! It feels like forever since we started pricing different companies and getting estimate after estimate. It was a pretty clear choice who we went with in the end as a couple of the other companies made the mistake of saying these things to me,

"When are you guys wanting to have kids?"

"How much did you pay for your house?"

"Honey, sweetie, sugar, etc." {Do NOT call me anything other than my name!}

"Well, we sell this type of window but it's not really good. This other kind is better." {Umm, ok. No thanks.}

As you can see, it was an interesting few weeks with window salesman. Oh and never forget to ask for a better price. I managed to get an extra $400 off just for asking. I told y'all I'm cheap.

Here's the before picture of our living room...

And here's the after! It's so much lighter and brighter! In real life, the screens on the bottom of the windows aren't very noticeable and we decided to go with a 3/4 glass door instead of a traditional french door for a different look and LOVE it. The window shades were a steal from JcPenney on sale for about $13 a shade! We still need to repaint the entire room and get some curtains, but what do you think? Big transformation, huh?

Oh, and I also finally found the perfect cushion for my $10 thrift store chair I shared a while back. The cushion was 50% off at World Market (my latest obsession) so for the chair and the cushion, I only paid $25! Score! It's currently sitting in the guest room but will make it's way to the kitchen at some point.

There you have it, a completely random house update. I have a few more projects to share, including an update on our guest room so stay tuned!