World Market: 75% off.

First off, thank you guys SO MUCH for all the well wishes and congrats! It really did mean so much to us both and I feel lucky to have such great readers. Y'all rock! Second, if you live near a Cost Plus World Market, go there ASAP. I saw { this post } last week and decided to check it out for myself. Holy deals! We were only in there for 20 minutes and snagged two great buys. In fact, if I can get morning (ahem, all day) sickness under control today, I'm going to hit up another location.

Here's what we got...

I can't find the exact outdoor table online, but it looks almost exactly like this one below. Perfect for dinners on our deck and you can't beat the $65 price tag! 75% off, yes please.

I also grabbed this cute little chair. It was regularly $80 and I took it home for $20. It was the only one in the store so I made poor Justin lug it around everywhere so no one would snatch it. Rough life being married to an interior designer.

Now is the time to shop around for outdoor furniture since store are making way for new seasonal merchandise. I'm still looking for a few chairs for the table, a couple pots and a bench for our front door, but slow and steady wins the race. Or gets the best discount.

Happy shopping!